As a business owner you should know that management accounting involves providing and preparing timely statistical and financial info for business managers, so they can make daily and short term financial decisions that will be best for the company’s growth.

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Management accounting is also known as cost or managerial accounting, and it is different than financial accounting (it produces reports for internal stake holders of the company-as opposed to external stake holders). For example, management accounting results in periodic reports for the CEO and the company’s department managers.

Management accounting report includes different details, such as the company’s recent sales revenue, available cash, the current state of the company’s payable accounts and more.

What can you find in the management accounting report?

The information which is found in management accounting is different in many ways to financial accounting. Management reports are forward thinking in comparison to financial reports which are based on historical data. Also, management reports are confidential, for internal use only and financial reports are usually publicly reported.

Management accounting course work usually covers the following management techniques:

  • Capital budgeting- a process of deciding if longer-term investments are worth for your business
  • Forecasting- using old financial records in order to project future trends which may affect your business
  • Valuation- act of determining the value of an asset based on the asset’s past, current and future financial standing
  • Margin Analysis- a technique which is used to determinate if a business decision is worth pursuing by comparing potential costs and benefits of that same decision.

In conclusion, management accounting typically involves analysis and gathering of data in order to provide the organization with information which can help them achieve their business goals and the company’s growth. A management accountant is there to help business leaders to make crucial decisions by identifying different financial risks of all available options. As fore-mentioned, management accounting is slightly different than financial accounting. Financial accounting is more attributed to different tasks than management accounting, such as past performance reports in order to help the company’s leaders know how recourses are being spent exactly.

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