In this article we will discuss how to implement an operational review correctly and the steps undertaken to implement it.

Steps in Operational Review process
This process essentially has six steps ranging from preceding work, conducting interviews and grouping documents to the presentation of the ultimate papers.

Initial management meeting
The management and department heads ought to be able to perceive the matter that helps them to spot specific areas of concern once the audit team meets them.

Conduct Interviews
More experienced personnel is required to interview and keep shut observation of workers on however they are going regarding their responsibilities.
All interactions between the team and the workers are confidential; this is to gain the employees’ trust; should any employee withhold important info, data gathered becomes inaccurate.

Systems Review
The team will review the staff and management practices supported by the policies of the company. This helps the team to know if the practices of workers are in line with the company’s mission.


Data gathered are diagrammatically portrayed and written and submitted to the management after the review process. Here, the observations and suggestions of the team are conferred to the department heads involved.

Review Results
The important factors that have effects on the company are reviewed per the results and more actions are taken to combat all loopholes.

Key Areas of focus operating reviews –

Management control
The ability to outline the responsibilities associated scope during which an employee is to act is extremely upheld in several firms. Specific verbal description, for example, would provide the worker a transparent perspective on, how he functions within the company.

Processes and procedures
Some protocols could be reviewed and brought off as a result of them being ineffective. Improvised procedures could also be efficient and help build the company’s processes.

Communication and reporting standards
Break within the communication chain may adversely have an effect on the company. Information technology and security controls policies shouldn’t be compromised and every activity ought to be periodically updated and regularly monitored.

Strategic planning and tactics
No company will ever be thought-about to consummate without its strategies. It might be inadvisable for any organization to proceed while not at first knowing the direction it needs to maneuver with regards to the company’s goals set.

Contingency designing, testing and recovery
Contingency plans should be up-to-date and essential to the organisation. If one course of action ought to fail, the company ought to have a backup arrange.

Presentation of Report
Recommendations are developed based on your objectives and our findings. Our reports will enhance the issues we tend to outline. Our team will assist the implementation of those modifications.

The plan has three levels of recommendations; executives, management, staff.

The executive outline concentrates on your company’s strength, opportunities and threats. It includes recommendations for any required changes in policy.

The management plan relies on identification of potential problem areas. Concerns will be forwarded to management through formal writing. This may enhance operating relationships and set the work environment for a higher productivity ratio.

Lastly, the workers report deals with discussing objectives which are important to the company’s mission. If all of this sounds too complicated for you, you are in luck, as you can simply contact Latitude 12, and let them take care of everything for you.