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Risk Register Template-The Benefits of a Standardised Approach

One of the key elements of growing a successful business is being able to identify and understand risks. In order to do so, you should seriously pay attention to risk management. Luckily, there’s a pre-made Risk Register Template that will help you in this process. It will serve as a home for every segment of […]

What are the 12 Key Elements of a Project Risk Register Template?

Running a successful business requires lots of time and effort. However, with the help of a Project Risk Register Template, a handy tool to quickly and easily carry out a full risk management process, and Latitude 12, a business management agency providing tailored managed business solutions and services to its clients in remote and regional […]

What is Management Accounting?

As a business owner you should know that management accounting involves providing and preparing timely statistical and financial info for business managers, so they can make daily and short term financial decisions that will be best for the company’s growth. Anyhow, for most people this sounds pretty complicated, but luckily you can always ask for […]

Tips for Growing a Successful Business

Today, flexibility and great planning and organisational skills are key to growing a successful business. However, building successful business from the bottom up is actually a lot more difficult and challenging than most people think. But, with the help of Latitude 12 – one of the best business management agencies – you can grow a […]

The Difference between Financial Reports and Management Reports

In general, business owners understand the importance of the usual monthly financial reports, but many aren’t familiar with management reports. Namely, there are various kinds of management reports that are very helpful and beneficial for increasing profit and the overall performance of a business. So, in order to get the most out of management reports, […]

Benefits of Hiring a Business Management Agency

The truth is, technology, regulations, and competition are all changing quite fast. Thus, every business owner must put a lot of time and daily efforts if they want to see their businesses grow. Luckily, you don’t have to do this alone. Latitude 12 is here to help and provide you the best business management solutions. […]

Presenteeism in the Workplace

Many businesses recognise the importance of improving work health and safety to reduce injuries and disease. However, investing in work health and safety can also generate a positive return on investment through productivity gains and other benefits that often accompany safety improvements. The increasing demands of modern life have eroded our standards of health and well-being, […]