Through our commitment to providing best practice solutions to regional and remote Australia, we have developed a large volume of thought leadership, case studies and takeaway advice.

For your benefit, we have created a number of thought provoking, informative but more importantly free White Papers for you to read.

Follow the links below, to download our free White Papers, and share amongst your colleagues. Don’t forget to check in with us from time to time to get the latest updates on what’s new and innovative in best practice solutions.

  • Implementing Internal Audit Governance

    This white paper outlines the strategies and techniques used to implement internal audit governance in your organisation. Internal audit provides ongoing value to your organisation through cost effective savings identification, ensuring processes are running optimally, waste is being minimised and implementing controls to mitigate significant business risks.

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  • Achieving x% Savings and y% Growth Using Lean Six Sigma

    Lean and Six Sigma are the buzz words in the industry today and seem to be on the minds of most CXOs as they try and achieve more from less. Organisations have benefited from millions of dollars in benefits using Lean Six Sigma.

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