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Our Work Health & Safety (WHS) systems are supported by a team dedicated to providing your organisation with best practice safety systems and strong policies and procedures relevant to your needs.

Our Services 

Why Latitude 12

Latitude 12 can assist you to take a logical approach to create a Safe and Healthy Workplace for your business, ensuring the safety and wellbeing of your organisation and everyone within it, from top to bottom.

We simplify your WHS systems and create a positive safety culture taking the stress and guess work out of complying with WHS Legislation.   We will work with you to develop strategies which are achievable and measureable; demonstrating due diligence and working with what is reasonably practicable for your organisation.  

We can tailor a package to your needs with our vast range of WHS solutions, ensuring you receive value for money.  Our WHS services include developing and implementing a WHS framework which undertakes due diligence through leadership, sound procedures, consultation and taking actions that both reduce the likelihood as well as the consequences of incidents. 

Developing and implementation of a WHS Strategy                    

To implement an effective WHS system it must be achievable and measureable, while demonstrating due diligence and working with what is reasonably practicable for your organisation.

We can work with you to develop some or all of the following functions:

  • Developing a Safety Management Plan
  • Developing Policies
  • Developing Safe Work Procedures
  • Capturing vital information for recording purposes
  • Developing an Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan
  • Reporting requirements
  • Developing a Training Needs Analysis
  • Induction training
  • Training and development, including competency based training
  • Identifying requirements and creating registers
  • Hazard identification strategies
  • Incident investigation and reporting
  • Ensuring consultation requirements are being met through WHS Committees and Safety
  • Toolbox Meetings
  • Measuring and evaluating WHS systems
  • WHS auditing
  • Return to Work Programs
  • Contractor Management systems

AS 4801:2001 Certification – Give Your Organisation the Advantage            

Latitude 12 can assist your organisation to achieve AS 4801:2001 certification methodically and affordably with realistic timeframes and achievable outcomes.

Your organisation will have a competitive edge by allowing you to tender for work where it is a prerequisite, such as high-risk or Government contracts; providing wide marketplace recognition such as “preferred supplier” status; and, certification can lead to lower insurance and Workcover premiums.

The implementation of such a system can also help your business to deal with the legal obligations, ethical concerns, and industrial relations relating to workplace safety.

Compliance Management                                                                

Our compliance management service is a continuing, maintained service that is implemented, managed and monitored by us.  The service removes the worry and ongoing management of WHS from your organisation so you can spend more time working on your business, reduce resource costs and be confident that WHS standards are always being met. 

As the compliance management service is ongoing, changes to the environment are caught rapidly and with consultation, remedies are put in place immediately.  This ensures that even between audits, your organisation reduces its risks and maintains standards and compliance.

Learning Management Systems                                

If you require a workplace health and safety check, or need to get up to speed quickly, Latitude 12 can perform a range of WHS services to ensure you meet your obligations and provide a safe and compliant work environment.

We can develop a Learning Management System tailored to your organisation which can be used as a paper based system and/or on and off-line from any computer or smart phone anywhere in Australia.

We can also provide a system which will deliver a certified verification of competency for your workforce in a learning environment which is consistent, relevant, approved, and uniform content is delivered to all workers.  Your training requirements, skill development, assessments, reporting and recording for compliance can be managed from one central online point, allowing your organisation to access these functions when and where they are required.

Our Learning Management System uses various tools and resources which accommodate all levels of literacy, from none, to advance with Nationally Recognised Courses available. 


We can provide WHS auditing services to ensure your organisation is compliant when applying for tenders or seeking certification.  All WHS audits are tested against industry relevant Australian Standards, Codes of Practice and the WHS Act 2011.

To ensure your WHS strategies are targeting your desired outcomes, you need to ensure your Safety Management Plan is following best practice industry standards and adhering to legislation. 

Changes to legislation happen regularly, and ensuring your organisation responds appropriately and promptly can be a time consuming and resource intensive task. We are the specialists in WHS and will keep you abreast of any changes to ensure your workplace is both safe and compliant.

We will research all legislation relevant to your organisation and implement strategies that are compliant with the following acts and standards.

  • AS 4801:2001
  • ISO 9001:2008
  • National WHS Act 2011

Incident Investigation                                        

A formal incident investigation system is vital for the effectiveness of your Safety Management System; they are required to be effective in achieving their purpose of identifying direct and underlying causes of incidents so that action can be taken to prevent similar occurrences in the future. 

Latitude 12 can offer Lead Incident Investigation services which will identify all causal and root cause factors by organising interviews and witness statements, researching any contributing factors such as maintenance and/or plant history, assessing worker competencies, auditing systems and procedures, implement corrective actions, and applying systems for monitoring and evaluation of any implemented changes.

A complete and confidential report will be generated outlining all investigation findings.

Achieving and maintaining a Safety Culture                        

Developing and maintaining a positive safety culture which emanates from all levels of your organisation is fundamental for achieving compliance.  Latitude 12 can take the guess work out of how to create awareness of responsibilities and accountability within your organisation’s WHS obligations. 

Latitude 12 can simplify your WHS systems; reduce associated costs and paperwork and increase efficiency and workplace morale by taking the stress out of creating and complying with Risk Assessments and Safe Work Procedures.


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