Payroll Processing

An effective and structured payroll system is one of the most critical elements in the successful operation of any organisation. Not only are payroll processes affected by the complexity of your internal structure, they are also determined by external legislative rules. With our proven processes and unbeatable understanding of these requirements, Latitude 12 ensures that your payroll function is accurate, on time, protected and compliant. 

Our Services 

Why Latitude 12

We deliver high-quality and cost-effective payroll management services which will help you streamline your payroll in a way that allows you to take advantage of the savings we provide to build the vital parts of your business and increase productivity.  
From medium-sized businesses all the way up to large government and corporate organizations, Latitude 12 provides a customized managed payroll service that exactly fit your unique needs.  Through our KPI suite, we monitor and manage every aspect of your payroll and provide you with peace of mind knowing that your processes are not only optimized for the best possible performance, but that everything is being done correctly and within compliance.

End to End payroll processing 

Our payroll team has extensive experience in end to end payroll processing. Our focus is to ensure that collection and entry of data is processed with precision and accuracy, easing the process of final payments and distribution of payslips. 
We also offer flexible general ledger entries and calculations of redundancy and termination pay-outs.  
Our services provide ease in issuing one-time payments or deductions in addition to base pay, overtime and allowances, which is made easy with our payroll management system.            

Complete audit trail

At Latitude 12, we aim to comply with all audit requirements at all times.. The advantage of our Payroll software is that it maintains records of any changes incorporated using a time and date stamp.

HR and Payroll reports

Our reporting system is user friendly, providing output options into Microsoft Excel, Word or PDF formats, as well as, the possibility to capture it on-screen or as a hard-copy printout. The flexibility and efficiency of these reports allow your organisation the ability to customise HR and Payroll reports into:  

  • Financial Reports
  • Leave Reports
  • Remuneration Reports
  • Organisation Reports
  • Demographic Reports
  • Statistical Reports
  • Staff Profile Reports

E-Payroll (Managers and Employee self services)

Latitude 12 provides you and your organisation with an electronic portal, which will eliminate paperwork in your office. The software has been carefully customised to use various features, which allow you to access any information within the system. Employees and managers have 24/7 online access to retrieve personal data such as leave balance, payment history, PAYG summary and specific reports. 

Records Management

The payroll team maintains confidentiality of information and record keeping within the team. We follow all legislative requirements related to storing and accessing personal information. 

Complete End of Month & End of Year Process

Our expert team has the ability to process end of month reports within 24 working hours. End of year reports are also processed within reasonable time which is a result of our consistent and efficient processes. 

Superannuation Clearing House

At Latitude 12, we use the Superannuation Clearing House, which ensures accurate allocation of superannuation funds. The funds are processed within a minimum period of 10 days at the end of each month.                                

Payroll/HR System Administration

We provide support for payroll software and employee self service software through:

Help Desk Support 

  • Daily queries 
  • System security 
  • System access

Technical Support & System Training

  • Service support
  • Data base management
  • System updates and upgrades
  • Customisation


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