Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma is a set of widely used leadership and management tools and techniques to deliver significant improvements within businesses.

Our Services

Why Latitude 12

Our strategic partnership with ‘Lean and Six Sigma International Board’ (LASSIB) provides opportunities for organisations in remote and regional Australia to access Lean Six Sigma consultancy and training services.

We develop a customised strategy using Lean Six Sigma tools to achieve the following within your business;

  • Maximise customer value with fewer resources
  • Eliminate waste
  • Create value adding processes within the business
  • Assist in understanding the business’s current process capability to prioritise areas of improvement and benchmarking
  • Evaluate quality control  within the business 

Lean Six Sigma Consultancy

We understand key value drivers, constraints and challenges faced in organisations. As part of our service we facilitate interactive sessions with our clients to identify where change can have the highest impact in both the short and long term. 
Secondly, we prepare a detailed project plan using Lean Six Sigma tools to achieve desired outcomes. The project would also entail working collaboratively with key personnel across the business to create strategic transformation roadmap and to undertake a change readiness assessment.

Lean Six Sigma Training Certification

Our international Master Black Belt from LASSIB presents a number of courses locally.  The Lean Six Sigma courses provide the opportunity in developing skills and knowledge to successfully implement Lean Six Sigma tools.
Similar to martial arts, the training for Lean Six Sigma is provided through a “belt based” training system. The belt personnel are designated at six levels. The depth of knowledge and Lean Six Sigma tools progress at each stage of Lean Six Sigma training system.


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