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At Latitude 12, we have designed a suite of Human Resources Services to cater for the prerequisites of an employment cycle. As an employer, you can achieve piece of mind, completeness, independence and assurance that all HR related services are managed thoroughly, in a professional manner by industry experts.

Our Services 

Why Latitude 12

We understand the local, regional and remote employment market requirements due to our favorable location in the Northern Territory. Our experts have customised global HR practices to fit the Territorial standards of work, while simultaneously maintaining global quality benchmarks.

Using our services will place your HR requirements into the hands of our adept team and ultimately reduce the amount of time or number of staff specifically required in this area.

Furthermore, we can assist you with strategic goals such as workforce planning, designing performance management frameworks, workforce efficiency, employee engagement plans, job evaluation, performance and reward systems, designing compensation and salary structure, minimising legal risk and so forth.

Our knowledge of compliance standards and relevant ‘Fairwork Legislations’ will significantly minimise your exposure to any human resource management risk. Using our services will significantly free up your resources, saving you time and money. 

The benefits in adopting our services will ensure the following:

  • Resource efficiency & Reduced Company Expenditure
  • Improved staff retention
  • Increased employee engagement
  • Provision of clear strategic vision for your workforce
  • Workforce performance improvement
  • Compliance
  • Expertise
  • Independent objectivity

Strategic HR Services    

Our Strategic HR services ensure that your organisation gets optimum output from your employees by balancing both organisational efficiency and employee engagement needs. Some of our Strategic HR services are:

  • Workforce planning aligned with long term business strategies
  • Creating performance based culture
  • Job evaluation and salary grading
  • Designing efficient organisational structure
  • Developing compensation and reward structure
  • Employee engagement and value mapping and post mapping action plan design
  • Workforce competency framework design
  • HR System design
  • Workforce efficiency improvement projects
  • Employer Branding and Retention programs

Operational HR Services     

HR Operational Services address your day to day need of employment related transactional issues. Our objective is to reduce operation time and cost of people related issues from business or line managers so that they can maximise their time towards core business functions and revenue generation. 

Some of our operational HR services are:

  • Employee data management
  • Organisational structure and reporting line management
  • Drafting of various employment related contracts, letters and communications
  • Handling termination process related paperwork
  • Workers compensation management
  • Leave and time sheet management
  • Recruitment process related paper work management
  • IR related paper work management
  • Employment related various forms and templates management
  • Record Management of employee personal files ensuring all employment related records and personal information are preserved as per the legal requirements.    

Recruitment Services

We have extensive experience in recruiting, particularly with remote and regional recruitment. Our Recruitment Services include assisting your organisation in the following:

  • Job description preparation
  • Advertisement preparation
  • Candidate search
  • Database talent searches 
  • CV sorting
  • Phone screening
  • Interview guide to managers
  • Designing of assessment center for top executive recruitment
  • Group and stress interview design
  • Psychometric Behavioural Assessments including Personality Profile Assessment (PPA) and Behavioural Competency Assessment System
  • Job Competency assessments
  • Reference check
  • Qualification check
  • Orientation and On Boarding Guide

Industrial Relations Services

We manage day to day employee related issues concerning industrial relations such as:

  • Grievance Handling
  • Bullying and Harassment investigation
  • Clarification of Awards, NES, Fair work act and relevant industry acts, clauses and terms
  • Taking the responsibility of end to end Fair work proceedings
  • Unfair Dismissal cases
  • Managers guide to termination or performance management issues
  • Enterprise Agreement

Standard and Customised Training Services

We have standard training lists that can be suitable to any organisation, especially in order to acquire basic workforce capabilities for employees and line manager.. Some of our standard training programs include:

  • Basic Management skills
  • Finance for Non-Finance individuals
  • Leadership skill development for new managers
  • Advance Leadership Training for experienced managers
  • Communication skill development
  • Negotiation and Influencing Skill Development
  • Basic Computer literacy trainings
  • Advance Office systems and Software trainings
  • Team Building
  • Customer Centricity Training

We also design off site team building sessions and 360 feedback sessions for line managers.

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