Financial Processing & Management Reporting

The key value adding role of our Finance Function is to provide decision makers accurate information quickly. Our finance and reporting team has been specifically structured to ensure we can accurately process a high volume of transactions and provide key information back to the decision makers.

Our Services 

Financial Accounting & Processing Services

  1. Accounts Payable
  2. Accounts Receivable
  3. Bank reconciliation
  4. General ledger reconciliations & end of period calculations 
  5. Fixed Assets
  6. Compliance Returns
  7. Grant Accounting
  8. Rates processing

Management Reporting & Budgeting Services

  1. Management accounting, reporting & analysis
  2. Budgeting

Consultancy & Business Advisory

  1. ​​Financial reporting structure design & improvement
  2. Budget process design & implementation
  3. Costing methodologies: Overhead, Plant & Equipment / Motor Vehicle cost allocations
  4. Business process improvement & optimisation

Why Latitude 12

Latitude 12’s first step when developing a financial services plan is identifying the specific requirements of your business, and ensuring the service provided is built around those requirements.

Our strength comes from the vast practical experience we have gained implementing managed business services for our clients. We ensure that you are getting the most efficient and robust services possible because our full-time accountants are highly-qualified and have been exposed to a vast range of business structures and processes.

Financial Accounting & Processing Services

  1. Accounts Payable
    • Purchase orders
    • Invoice processing
    • Payments processing
    • Statements reconciliation
    • Credit card reconciliation
    • Maintenance of creditor accounts & ledgers
  2. Accounts Receivable
    • Invoicing processing & distribution
    • Statement & reminder letters
    • Debt collection procedures
    • Cash receipting
    • Maintenance of debtor accounts & ledgers
  3. Bank Reconciliation
    • Matching of ledger entries to bank statements
    • Reconciliation of cash modules to the general ledger
    • Identification & resolution of unpresented cheques & other non-reconciling items
  4. General ledger reconciliations & end of period calculations
    • Provisioning
    • Accruals & prepayments
    • General ledger reconciliations
    • Completeness & accuracy reviews
  5. Fixed Assets
    • Recording & processing of acquisitions, depreciation, revaluations & disposals
    • Maintenance of fixed asset registers 
    • Reconciliations of fixed asset registers, reports and schedules to the general ledger
  6. Compliance Returns
    • ABS returns & reports
    • Grants commission returns
  7. Rates Processing
    • Processing & issue of annual and supplementary rates notices
    • Maintenance & update of database details
    • Receipt of rates income
    • Reconciliation of rates data, reports & schedules to the general ledger
  8. Grant Accounting
    • Invoicing & receipting of Grant income
    • Adjustments in line with funding agreements & accounting practices
    • Preparation & review of acquittals & other financial reports
    • Liaison with funding bodies
    • Financial analysis for funding submissions

Management Reporting & Budgeting Services

  1. Management Accounting, Reporting & Analysis
    • Development of tiered financial reporting systems tailored to the varying responsibility levels of your organisation
    • Development and monthly production of those reports required by internal and external stakeholders
    • Trend Analysis, Value Drivers, KPIs and Benchmark reporting
    • Forecasting 
    • Expense Reduction Reports
    • Procurement Analysis   
    • Accounting entries and adjustments required to produce monthly management reports 
  2. Budgeting
    • Annual production of organisation, service unit and grant budgets
    • Revision of budget figures
    • Budget production, project management and administration 
    • Budget analysis

Consultancy & Business Advisory

  • Financial reporting structure design and improvement
  • Budget process design & implementation 
  • Costing Methodologies: Overhead, Plant & Equipment / Motor Vehicle cost allocations
  • Business process improvement & optimisation 
  • Finance system ’health checks’
  • Project management


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