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7 January

Relay for Life 2012

On Friday and Saturday, the Latitude 12 Relay for Life Team unleashed 229 awesome laps, from 6pm Friday until 10am Saturday, down at the Gardens Oval. Great job to everyone who participated and thankyou to everyone who supported us!! And of course a special thankyou to Melinda for organising the Team, and making sure there was a comfy rug to catch some well deserved zzz’s!

The Latitude 12 team reached our fundraising goal, having raised $1020 to support this worthy cause.

The night kicked off with Angie and her kids lapping for the first few hours, followed by Yi-Xin and her partner with Mel and Leigh lapping until Atma was ready for his two hour stint. Then it was my turn until Marvyn thankfully arrived to do the 1.30am – 3.30am shift – possibly the hardest shift of the night! It also allowed some of us to get some sleep. I had another crack at it after Marvyn; and then at Reville, Mel carried the L12 spirit until breakfast time. A few surprise visits followed, with Atma eager to add a few laps to his tally, and Tegan and Flor also showed up to add a few notches to their bows.

All in all, we managed 229 laps, which was just under half of the Team who did the most laps – which were the Trainees from the Fire Brigade Team, who had someone running every single second of the event – in full Turnout Gear!!

Next year, we hope the L12 Team will beat them!

Thankyou again to everyone for your support.