We have been known for challenging tradition in every aspect of our industry since we started in 2010.

Any firm can provide a service, however we believe that not every firm will take the time to intimately understand your organisation, to welcome you as part of the team and to ensure your efficiency gains and savings are identified and maximised.

Our strength comes from the vast practical experience we have gained implementing managed business services for our clients. We believe that we add significant value immediately to any managed business service discussion simply through the wealth of specialist knowledge and prior experience that we bring to the table.

We pride ourselves on helping out those organisations that are often unable to access proficient services due to their remote location, size or lack of available funding.

Tailor Made Solutions

We understand that every organisation is different and that’s why we don’t waste time trying to fit a round peg in a square hole. We take the time to understand your organisation, the goals you wish to achieve and the manner in which you want to do it. We use this information, our knowledge of best practice techniques and the experience we have gained in this environment to deliver you a solution that is tailor made to your specific requirements.


The beauty of having seven distinct service lines under one roof is that we have a range of experts working together to deliver integrated services. Similar to if you were running an in house service; our service lines often cross over. There is no need to maintain a surplus of employees or engage multiple agencies with potentially conflicting ideas. We are a one stop shop for all of your non-core activities.

Integrity, dependability and success

Integrity is at the forefront of absolutely everything we do. We are committed to transparency and honesty and this is very much enshrined in our working ethos.

We know how to work to strict deadlines and pride ourselves on being dependable at all times. We are a no excuses organisation who promises to get the job done right the first time.

We measure our success, on the success of our clients and that’s why our number one goal is to help you achieve your goals.

Industry Experts

Recruiting an employee with the right experience and expertise, to a remote or regional location without costing an arm and a leg can be considered somewhat ambitious. Many professionals expect a relocation assistance, housing and hefty salaries to attract them away from the CBD and often there isn’t even enough work to justify a full time employee.

Latitude 12 has a team of 29+ industry experts working together to provide exceptional quality of service at a reduced cost. We think this one is a no brainer!


By engaging Latitude 12, you are gaining access to a database of resources who can provide fair and unbiased advice whenever you need it. By consulting with an external party, you immediately eliminate personal opinions and complicated office politics from the equation meaning you’re just left armed with good advice and clear facts.

Specialists in Remote and Regional Australia

Latitude 12 is committed to maintaining its roots and servicing remote and regional Australia is our number one priority.

We have been to the locations you’re working in and experienced first hand the realities that you face. We have worked with organisations just like yours and we know exactly how to help

Cost Effective and Eliminates Waste

When you implement our services, you don’t just save on the service itself, there are many other areas where costs are eliminated as well.

In-house service delivery costs normally include recruitment, staff, management, office supplies, floor space, insurance, training and even disaster recovery.

With Latitude 12 on your team, all of these costs and more are wiped away.

Our efficient processes and ability to scale our workforce at minimal cost mean that if we cannot actually benefit you financially, we won’t take on your contract.

Informed and in Control

We all know that the key to running a successful organisation is making well thought out and informed decisions. That’s why we have developed a reporting suite for each of our service lines so that every one of our clients knows exactly what’s going on at all times.

We also run frequent Business Process Improvement and Customer Focus meetings with our clients to proactively iron out any creases, source feedback on how we can further enhance our service to you and measure customer satisfaction.