• "Latitude 12 has provided the East Arnhem Regional Council services in the form of Accounts payable, Accounts receivable, Bank reconciliation, Rates Processing, Fixed Assets and Records Management Services since its inception in 2010.
    In addition to the direct saving of over $200,000, the Council has enjoyed another $500,000 of value in productivity improvements. This is a total saving of over $700,000 to the organisation and currently the Council outsources all financial management operational aspects to Latitude 12.”

    Kerry Whiting, Chief Financial and Operations Officer, East Arnhem Regional Council, Sept 7, 2012

  • “The Department of Business, Northern Territory Government, would like to express their sincere gratitude for the exceptional work undertaken by Ms Angie Mayo, Director, Records Management Services for delivering our divisions portfolio Retention and Disposal Schedules (RDS)

    Having a reasonable understanding before the start of the project enabled us to gain a better understanding of not only the processes underpinning how a schedule is drafted and submitted, but the complexities that arise throughout.”

    Travis Te Whata, Senior Project Officer, Department of Business, Northern Territory Government, Sept 1, 2014

  • “The Leukaemia Foundation who operate out of 21 offices nationally and with a headcount of 158, engaged Latitude 12 to undertake a review and update of our existing HR Policy and Procedures and create a best practice recruitment guide. Latitude 12 not only completed this task in a timely and professional manner but they were highly co-operative during their engagement with our employees and adopted a customer centric approach.
    Upon completion of this project, the Director of Human Resources, Farhad Mahbub personally visited our Brisbane Office and delivered a detailed an overview of the changes and modifications to our HR Policies and Procedures Manual.

    After their clear display of knowledge and competence, I have no hesitation in recommending Latitude 12 for their Human Resource Expertise.”

    Amy Henry, Human Resources Manager, Leukaemia Foundation, Aug 15, 2014

  • “Latitude 12 have streamlined our recruitment process so that the best people for the job are identified the first time saving costs as well as significant amounts of time and effort. Staff are knowledgeable, informed and respond quickly to my requests which is essential in the field of HR.”

    Kirstine Cossens, Acting Chief Executive Officer, Thamarrurr Development Corporation

  • “Latitude 12 developed and implemented an archiving process whereby all our electronic as well as paper based records are now all effectively archived in secure storage.
    I am consistently amazed at their ability to view the most random and complex of current processes and transform them in a matter of days into ones which are logical, coherent and accessible.
    Outsourcing these complex, time consuming and, at times, tedious tasks has provided us with an effective and accessible system while allowing us to focus on our core business.
    I wholeheartedly commend Latitude 12 for their ability to translate the most complex of systems into easily understood language and processes.“

    Dr. Gerry Mckeown, Principle, Milingimbi Community Education Centre, July 12, 2013


  • “East Arnhem Regional Council has utilised the Strategic Human Resource Management service offered by Latitude 12 since 2013, under the leadership of Farhad Mahbub, Director, Human Resources.
    He has an exemplary knowledge of contemporary Human Resource Management and has guided the Council in achieving some outstanding results in this very important area of operation.

    Latitude 12’s commitment to high service levels is outstanding and no doubt, a key to the success of the company. I recommend Latitude 12 as a service provider to any organisation looking for services in this area, especially in remote indigenous communities.''

    Kerry Whiting, Chief Financial and Operations Officer, East Arnhem Regional Council, Aug 7, 2014

  • “Barkly Regional Council has engaged Latitude 12 to undertake a number of Records Management Services as a client of the organization. Through the implementation of their recommended archiving program, we have significantly reduced the amount of storage space and its associated costs, made our records more easily accessible and ensured our compliance with the current Northern Territory Government Records Management Standards.

    Another key project undertaken by Latitude 12 was the implementation and ongoing technical support of Info Council Software, which has given our team the confidence to utilize the InfoCouncil Software to its full potential.
    Overall our engagement with Latitude 12 has improved in our business process transparency and made us more accountable to our community. Our employees are more engaged in the Records Management process and as a Council we feel satisfied that we are not meeting legislative and audit requirements.”

    Dave Heron, Director Corporate Services, Barkly Regional Council, Aug 14, 2014

  • “East Arnhem Regional Council has utilised the Work, Health & Safety service offered by Latitude 12 since 2011. During this time, Latitude 12 has developed key outcomes for the Council such as – an extensive WHS framework, a reporting structure for incident reporting, a communication structure including the formulation of committees and tool box meetings, assisted in improving the education and knowledge surrounding WHS in the Council’s eleven locations and many others.
    Since her arrival, Kristen King, Work Health & Safety Advisor, has lifted the service level and focus of this important service to a higher level.

    I recommend Latitude 12 as a service provider to any organisation looking for advanced WHS services, especially in remote and indigenous communities as they are a provider who appreciate and understand the difficulties with service provision in our current environment.”

    Kerry Whiting, Chief Financial & Operations Officer, East Arnhem Regional Council, July 29, 2014

  • “All Latitude 12 Staff are responsive to Council’s needs and have initiated regular business improvements to ensure that our processes are as effective as possible and at the same time improving efficiencies to reduce the Council’s operating costs.
    West Arnhem Regional Council has engaged Latitude 12 to undertake services such as – Records and Archive Management, Financial Management Reporting, Back-end Financial Processing (accounts payable, receivable and payroll), Internal Auditing and Risk Management, Insurance Reviews and a range of other Financial Services.

    I have no hesitation in recommending Latitude 12 undertaking a range of processes and projects for businesses in the Northern Territory or even throughout Australia, and in their quest of becoming the top financial management and service firms based in Darwin.”

    Marc Gardner, Director Corporate and Community Services, West Arnhem Regional Council, Feb 7, 2012

  • “The Department of Land Resource Management Executive and Corporate Services would like to thank Mr. Mahbub, Director, Human Resources, for providing his time to deliver the ‘Safety is not Scary’ presentation. 
    Promotion and education is essential to developing a safety culture within an organization and it was really helpful to have collaboration with Latitude we to assist in raising awareness in this topic and in making the topic fun.”

    Sandra Butcher, Committee Chair, Department of Land Resource Management, Nov 27, 2013

  • “Latitude 12 was instrumental in establishing the Internal Audit framework for East Arnhem Regional Council. They also created a Risk framework for us enabling us to identify manage and mitigate entity wide risks. 
    Following the risk assessments, with the participation of the Regional management, they have drawn out a 3 year strategic Internal Audit Plan which enables the Regional to achieve the objectives set forth with the resources available.

    I thoroughly recommend Latitude 12 as a service provider to any organisation looking for an advanced Internal Audit and Risk Services.”

    Kerry Whiting, Chief Financial and Operations Officer, East Arnhem Regional Council, Jan 5, 2012

  • “Since its inception, the company has successfully exceeded Council’s expectations, providing professional services that would not otherwise be achieved through our new government structure. During this time we have productively resolved many financial issues that have brought our Council up to a best-practice standard.
    Latitude 12 has been a panacea to West Arnhem’s tragic staff attrition rates, particularly in the area of payroll which is seen as a major pressure-point. The use of Latitude 12 has been a major tool in Risk Mitigation.
    Their friendly can-do profession staff are a pleasure to deal with, bringing high levels of expertise, helping us to become true ‘leaders in local government’ in the Northern Territory.

    I would encourage any organisation, not just Local Government, to take the opportunity to experience first-hand the Latitude 12 difference.”

    Adam Seiler, Chief Executive Officer, West Arnhem Regional Council, March 15, 2011