Mavis Danganbarr

Mavis Danganbarr

Councillor & Nominee, East Arnhem Regional Council

Biography: Mavis Danganbarr was elected as a Councillor in the 2008 NT Regional Council inaugural election in the Gurmurr Marthakal Ward. 

Mavis has also worked as a supervisor with the Galiwin’ku Women’s Centre and was involved in the establishment of the Meals on Wheels Program as well as assisting with the planning for the Child Care Centre. More recently, Mavis has worked with the Marthakal Homelands Resource Centre and has just been appointed to the newly created position of Indigenous Engagement Officer with FaHCSIA.

Mavis was closely involved with the local community in the Local Government Reform process, in the lead up to the formation of the new Regionals. She was an active member of the East Arnhem Regional Transition Committee and was chairperson for four meetings.

Mavis’s other community interests include being a senior leader of the Galiwin’ku Uniting Church and representative at Synod Meetings. She is actively involved in church organization and leadership. She has also held the Public Officer and Secretary roles for the Marthakal Mala Leaders Group.

Other Directorships: 

  • Executive Committee member
  • Galiwin’ku Community Advisory Board member
  • Deputy President

Background: Mavis attended school at Milingimbi and then post-primary at Elcho Island. She commenced her humble beginnings as a receptionist with the Methodist Mission at Galiwin’ku, then moving up to a Teacher’s Assistant role with Shepherdson College.