Gawura Wanambi

Gawura Wanambi
Deputy President & Nominee, East Arnhem Regional Council 

Biography: Mr Wanambi was elected to the East Arnhem Regional Council in the Miyarrka Ward, in March 2012.
In his early days, he worked as an assistant coordinator for the Madungay Homelands Resource Centre and went on to take up the role of a coordinator for the Homelands CDEP program.  In the 90’s he was recognised as a leader in Gapuwiyak region jurisdiction. 

In 2013, Gawura began his engagement with the Governance and Leadership project of the Council. He is also on the board of the Yolnu Nations Assembly and has recently been appointed as the Director of a newly registered Gon-Dal Aboriginal Corporation.

Other Directorships: 

  • Council member of the Finance Committee
  • Gapuwiyak Community Advisory Board Member

Background: Gawura started school at Galiwin’ku followed by Dhupuma College before going to the Nhulunbuy Area School. On finishing year nine, he started working at the Gapuwiyak store and then went on to become a community worker during the reign of the Department of Aboriginal Affairs in the 70’s. 

He later took on the role of a coordinator of the Homelands CDEP program and in the 90’s was integrated with Gapuwiyak Council Incorporated.