Business Solutions for Remote & Regional Australia


Based in Darwin, Latitude 12 provides tailored managed business services to its clients in remote and regional Australia.

Our strength comes from the vast practical experience we have gained implementing managed business services for our clients.

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Our Team

Our Team of professionals are committed to providing the highest level of service.

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional client value and our daily interactions are guided by our Business Commitments as an integral part of our Corporate Culture.

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The Latitude 12 Difference

Any firm can provide a service, however we believe that not every firm will take the time to intimately understand your organisation, to welcome you as part of the team and to ensure your efficiency gains and savings are identified and maximised.

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Our Services

Work Health & Safety

Our Work Health & Safety (WHS) systems are supported by a team dedicated to providing your organisation with best practice safety systems and strong policies and procedures relevant to your needs.

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Financial Processing & Management Reporting

The key value adding role of our Finance Function is to provide decision makers accurate information quickly. Our finance and reporting team has been specifically structured to ensure we can accurately process a high volume of transactions and provide key information back to the decision makers.

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Internal Audit & Risk Management

Latitude 12 provides effective solutions in Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) to help you create business value by improving business processes, through cost effective savings identification, minimising risks and leveraging your strengths.

The team can provide these services as a fully outsourced service or under a partnering agreement on a project basis.

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Human Resources, Payroll & Recruitment

Our suite of Human Resources (HR) services cater for the prerequisites of an employment cycle. As an employer, you can achieve piece of mind, completeness, independence and assurance that all HR related services are managed thoroughly, in a professional manner by industry experts.

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Records Management

Our experienced team of professionals specialise in understanding your custom processes and provide advice on recordkeeping best practice procedures. Our services can be tailor-made to meet your requirements for short term projects or on fully outsourced business lines allowing you to focus on your core objectives.

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White Papers

Achieving x% Savings and y% Growth Using Lean Six Sigma

Lean and Six Sigma are the buzz words in the industry today and seem to be on the minds of most CXOs as they try and achieve more from less. Organisations have benefited from millions of dollars in benefits using Lean Six Sigma.

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Implementing Internal Audit Governance

This white paper outlines the strategies and techniques used to implement internal audit governance in your organisation. Internal audit provides ongoing value to your organisation through cost effective savings identification, ensuring processes are running optimally, waste is being minimised and implementing controls to mitigate significant business risks.

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